Patrol Services



Our Patrol Services include but are not limited to the following:

    • 24 Hour Patrol Service


    • Marked and Unmarked Patrol Units


    • Private Community Patrols


    • Mobile Patrols


    • Spot Checks


    • Patrol Service 24-Hours a day 7 days a week – marked patrol unit with uniformed security officer


    • Immediate Response to Complaints – (noise disturbance, neighbor disputes, trespassing, gang activity, etc.)


    • Random Ground, Perimeter and Building Checks of Your Property – will conduct foot patrol for at least an hour of property to make sure property is secure and free from vandalism


    • Emergency Response – will immediately respond to any emergency situations


    • Private Community Patrols – (homeowner associations, individual homes, gated communities, apartment complexes, condos, etc.)


    • Business Property Patrols – (individual businesses, business parks, shopping centers, employee escorts, etc.)
      • “Back-Up” Security Officers – this means, if an Officer at one of our client’s sites needs additional assistance or may have an emergency situation, he/she will notify a Night Eyes Dispatcher to immediately send another on duty patrol unit to the emergency location to assist that officer


      • Security Patrol Lock-Ups & Unlock Services – services to provide a security officer to lock and unlock buildings/offices to ensure building is safe and secured.


      • Alarm Response – list Night Eyes with your alarm monitoring company as the primary point of contact and we will offer your property priority response within minutes.


      • Daily Detailed Activity Reports – all activity or suspicious vehicles on property will be monitored and put on report


      • Radio Equipped – each patrol unit is equipped with a two-way radio communication with our dispatch center


      • Incident reduction because of highly visible security patrol presence


    Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions or concerns. Let us know what we can do to meet your needs!

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